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What is Run 3

Play Run 3 - the third installment in the Run game series. The game takes place in a tunnel outer the space. Your main goal is to control a little alien and run, move, and jump to pass through holes and traps. The screen will automatically rotate when you bump into the walls. So you can try moving along walls to change gravity and find the safest route for your alien. The game is over if you fall into one of the holes. The tunnels are also full of breakable tiles that fall down when you step into. 

You can try different game modes:

Adventure: Complete a series of levels and unlock several characters.

Infinite: Test your skill as you navigate through the endless and ever-changing tunnels. Your progress is not saved. The game is over if you fall down and you have to start from the beginning.

Online: You can create or join a room and play it with your friends.

Watch your step and try to run as far as you can. It's an addicting endless runner action game. Let's start the journey and see how long you can survive and how far you can go in run 3 game.


Different game modes.

Unique graphics.

New mechanics and characters.

Simple game controls.

How to play

Swipe left/right or use left/right arrows to move.

Tap on the screen or press the Up arrow/Spacebar or just left-click to jump.

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