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What is Doodle Jump

Welcome to Doodle Jump! Guide the doodler up an endless series of platforms without falling. The goal is to travel as high as you can! Leap from platform to platform. Collect boosts or power-ups from different objects such as springs, rockets, trampolines, jetpacks, and much more. These will help you blast upwards faster! 

Avoid or shoot to eliminate monsters, aliens, and UFOs along the way. The brown platforms will break as you jump on. So be careful. The game is over if you fall to the bottom of the screen, hit a monster, get abducted by a UFO, or fall into a black hole. 

Game Features:

Endless gameplay.

Lots of power-ups.

Various obstacles.

How to play

On web browsers:

Left and right arrow to move.

Up arrow or left-click to shoot.

On mobile:

Tilt to move left/right.

Tap the screen to shoot.

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