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What is Backrooms

Backrooms is a survival horror game where you get lost in a monstrous room with creepy sounds. Explore empty rooms covered in monochromatic yellow and find a way out of them. 

Backrooms GamePlay 

The ultimate goal of the Backrooms game is to escape as quickly as possible from the endless labyrinth of segmented, empty rooms. However, the task is not so simple; hidden monsters will stalk you at any time to attack you. Stop and look around you whenever possible, because the monster will destroy you with a little carelessness. 

During the escape, be aware of the direction of movement, identical rooms will confuse you. You can lose your original direction with a second of distraction. Your every action in Backrooms determines your survival.

How to Play Backrooms Game? 

Since this backrooms is really a maze of scary things. If this is your first time, you won't know how to escape from there. Read on this guide and some notes to play the Backrooms game online.  

- Use the mouse and the arrow keys or the joystick to make your character move. 

- Take precautions and look around as the warning of monsters turns up.  

- Run if strange sounds or anything unusual occurs.  

- Use the map to find your way out of the backrooms. 

- Check each room to collect coins, which helps you escape quickly. 

- Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get out of there; don't let other things distract you. 

Playing this game in a dark room will give you the best experience. Also, during gameplay, you cannot pause. If you stop the game, you will have to start over after that.  

The game also has many levels and difficulties for every player to choose from. 

Are you prepared to face the thrills and chills of the Backrooms game?

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